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Amada Chip Compactor CCP100

Compact and reduce the area required for chip storage. This compactor can reduce chip torage area from up to 5:1 on grinding swarf and up to 20:1 on machining chips.

Amada CTB400 Band Saw

CNC-controlled band saws for the use with carbide tipped band saw blades, producing more efficient and accurate cutting than is possible using conventional Bi-metal blades.


Amada CM100CNC Carbide Circular Saw

This AMADA Metal Sawing Machine incorporates the latest technologies of carbide circular metal sawing blades with State of the Art machine designs. This combination has proven to give unequaled performances in metal sawing.

Amada HFA530CNC Band Saw

CNC Controlled Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw. The weight of this machines is twice as heavy as most of the conventional machines of similar capacity. By setting the center of gravity lower, it paves the way for steady and stable performances.

Amada HKA400 Miter Band Saw

Automatic Metal Cutting Miter Band Saw, specifically designed for cutting structural steel sections.

Amada HFA700CII Band Saw

This compact machine supports up to 32″ x 28″. High accuracy cutting, and durability. Fully automatic band saws with very accurate material indexing controlled by NC-positioning. Squareness of cut is monitored by a unique Amada designed Blade Deviation Detector.