Flood Coolant


Light to moderate duty low oil Semi-Synthetic coolant 

Product Description

SAW CUT 524 is a low oil, semi-synthetic coolant for light to moderate duty machining. SAW CUT 524 chemically engineered to machine aluminum alloys and castings, cast irons and tool steels. SAW CUT 524 combines the lubricity of a soluble oil and the cleanliness of a synthetic coolant in one product.


Hard water stable, corrosion protection, clean running, some bio resistance, good part finish, good foam control at high pressures, operator friendly and good tramp oil seperation.


CNC machining, milling/drilling/profiling, sawing/cut off, thread rolling, boring/reaming/tapping, turning centers, surface grinding and knurling

Available in 1000L totes, 208L drums and 20L pails